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Zeiss OPMI CS on NC-2

Zeiss OPMI CS on NC-2

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Zeiss OPMI CS on NC-2 Stand

The Zeiss OPMI CS NC-2 Surgical Microscope is ideal for spinal surgeries. The CS NC-2 comes with two independent zooms and internal focusing systems for Face to Face optics. There's also an assistant scope that comes with a 10X wide field eyepieces and a Xenon light Source.

  • Maximum Reach and Maneuverability
  • Opmi CS Microscope
  • NC2 Contraves floorstand Optional Automatic Leveling System
  • 300 w Xenon light source w/Halogen backup
  • Fiber Optic Cable
  • Variable Working Distance
  • Face to Face Optics
  • Variable Focus: 200mm – 400mm
  • Handlebar Controls for Zoom, Focus and Brake Release
  • 2 0-180 degree Inclinable binoculars with 10x wide field Eyepieces
  • 1 Side Assistant's Scope with 10x widefield Eyepieces
  • Zeiss Verioskop

Zeiss OPMI CS- NC2 Specifications


  • Binocular Inclinable: 0 - 180°; face to face packages available
  • Objective Lens: Integrated 207 mm - 400 mm working distance
  • Magnification: High resolution, motorized via handlebars
  • Focus: Micro fine, motorized via handlebars
  • Eyepieces: 10x widefield Pupillary Distance: 55 mm - 75 mm
  • Filter: Standard UV
  • Lightsource: 300w Xenon with halogen back-up
  • Illuminated Field: Constant at all magnification levels
  • Power Source: 110-240V ; 50 - 60Hz
  • Mounting System: Contraves
  • Horizontal Reach: Arm = 62” | End of optics = 69”
  • Vertical Range (Macro focus): 75”
  • Arm: Free-Floating via handlebars
  • Shipping Weight: ±600lb
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